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Free Dynamic DNS Service Setup

times   2015-04-29

If my router does not support Dynamic DNS, can I still use a Dynamic DNS service to access my DVR ?Yes, you will still need to use dynamic DNS service.  If your router does not support this, your other option is to run the dynamic dns client on a computer that is always connected to the the same router/switch as your DVR.  The DynDNS client will update the Dynamic DNS service whenever your IP address changes.  Do the following if your router does not support dyn DNS:

  1. Go to Dynamic Network Services website at www.dyndns.com and sign up for an account

  2. On the home page click on the Create Account link as seen below:

    Create DDNS Account

  3. Fill on all of the required fields on the sign up page and submit the sign up form.

  4. The confirmation screen will let you know that an account confirmation email will be sent to you.  Wait a few minutes to check your mail.

  5. When you receive the email, click on the link to confirm opening your account with DynDNS, then login to your account.  The confirmation link will being you to a login link.  After that, you can login from the dyndns.com home page anytime.

  6. Once logged into your account, 1) Click on the "My Services" link, 2) then the "My Hosts" link, 3) then the "Add Host Services" link as seen below:

    DynDNS Create Host

  7. The New Dynamic DNS Host screen will open.  In the hostname field, 1) create a prefix and 2) select a domain name from the dropdown box.  The page will automaticall detect your IP address, which you can leave for now.  The other fields can be left blank.  3) Click on the "Add Host" button as seen below.

    Add DNS Host

  8. If successful, a screen will be displayed to let you know that the hostname was created.

    Hostname Created

Now that your dynamic DNS service is setup, you should configure your router/switch to automatically update the dynamic DNS service each time your Internet connection's IP address changes.

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