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Internet Video Monitoring System Solution

times   2015-04-29

Further emphasis on the Internet as the country's construction investment, further improve people's demand for Internet applications, Internet cafes across the country widespread, and often become the gathering place for the young people. The rapid development of Internet cafes is also facing some problems, confusion cafe environment, minors access to Internet cafes, Internet cafes when there is violence, thefts, for the standardization of the Internet cafe operators to guide the chain of Internet cafes take the road of development to create a brand image, national culture Ministry of Public Security have introduced policies, trying to solve problems currently faced by the Internet cafe operators from the system, technically.

Internet monitoring is an effective means technically rigorous management of Internet cafes. Internet monitoring includes network content monitoring and Internet environment monitoring. The latter as a video surveillance system that can effectively conduct the business of the Internet cafe management, including hours of operation, incident forensics, alarm upload, supervise minors to enter and so on.

Based on industry demand for Internet cafes network video surveillance system construction, Shenzhen Video Technology Co., Ltd., as the practical situation of their products, in line with other security devices to prevent the laws, regulations and meet the "Entertainment Management Regulations", "public security management in public places measures "under the requirements of the monitoring equipment, the design of Internet cafes network video surveillance system solutions. This system is mainly for Internet cafes to monitor safety management, design a complete set of network video management system. Mainly real-time browsing of each public places, reduce accidents and crime rate, guaranteed for emergencies timely treatment.

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