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10X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera

Published by zsx 2023-02-06

This is our factory's new private model product...

Different from traditional cameras, to put it simply,  10x zoom camera is able to magnify distant objects or people by 10 times.

This camera is definitely a new camera trend, because it can be used in many life scenes,

such as around your home, on your farm, in your garage, office, school, etc.

It can be used in a wide range, And you can clearly zoom in on the details you want to see. He also has other features

1. 10x zoom

2. dual screen display

3. multiple lens (2.9mm+ 6mm + 16mm)

4. 4mp resolution

5. motion tracking ,linkage alarm

6. 2-way video switching at any time

7. color night vision

8. remotely control


Bullet and ptz camera linkage: when you click the position of interest in the bullet image, the ptz will rotate to the corresponding angle to observe the details


Ultra wide Angle + 10x zoom, 4mp resolution, support alarm linkage, zoom camera follow the wide Angle lens to track suspicious objects


Free volume control: the volume of microphone and speaker can be adjusted freely


Timed Cruise: it can set the hemispherical camera to automatically rotate to the observation position corresponding to the time


Private mold design, unique shape, powerful function, the latest technology for security camera

We are committed to designing new cameras, starting from solving the actual problems of customers, if you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us.