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Home network video surveillance system solutions

Published by zsx 2023-02-06

Currently abroad more civilian monitors, and then will continue to be family oriented, civilian-oriented development in the future of Chinese video surveillance market, can be seen from overseas video surveillance market, individual users is indispensable video surveillance important customer.

In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, some ordinary individuals have begun using home monitoring products, monitoring for villa, but also ordinary residential surveillance. The purpose of such groups is basically used at work or on a business trip when the owner can keep abreast of the situation at home, one is to understand the elderly, children, the second is no one at home to play the role of the security alarm. Most of this population is the backbone of the busy society, there are old, under a small, very little time to take care of children and senior citizens, often in a worried family status, and network cameras, can keep abreast of the situation in the home office, to exempt family concerns.

First, the home video surveillance system application needs analysis
CTV video by a large number of modern family research, concluded that the concept needs the following aspects:
1, out of people want the ability to remotely monitor the child at home, in the case of the elderly at home;
2, when no one at home, the owners are hoping to have a home security system to protect property;
3, there are many property owners in the hope that through the network, monitor different parts of the property;
4, many families by the nanny to take care, due to cultural differences, ethnic differences, so they need more distance communication.

Second, the home network video surveillance system solutions

Network Camera: acquiring the image, after compression coding transmission via ADSL network out remote monitoring terminal via software or IE browser landing, real-time view the scene, the video image can be saved and the control panel can be linked to the police.
1, the control panel: receiving analyzing each wireless detector trigger signal is sent over, and work intelligently alarm: Start the camera to take pictures, send alarm SMS and MMS, dial the alarm call and alarm call center, the linkage of the corresponding switch .
2, wireless infrared detector probe: installation indoors need to monitor the position, when a person illegally entered, infrared detectors trigger the alarm host.
3, wireless gas detectors sense: installed in the kitchen or bathroom, once liquefied petroleum gas leak that triggered the alarm host.
4, wireless smoke detector: installation location in the living room or kitchen, when household fires, the probe detects smoke, the alarm is triggered by hosts.
5, emergency button: Alone in an emergency to happen, such as serious illness, or a thief broke, pressing the emergency button need help, hosts an alarm is triggered.
6, wireless door detector: installed on a door or window to be monitored, when someone illegally open door or window door, the alarm is triggered hosts.
7, siren: Connect the control panel, when the alarm is triggered, the siren will screech.